Remember The Reformation

Remember The Reformation

Not many of our kids will be wake up on October 31st thinking, “Hey! Today is the 496th anniversary of the Reformation!  On this day in 1517 Martin Luther sparked a reformation in the church by posting his “95 Theses” against abuses in the church of his day!”  But they should be well aware of what happened in the Reformation, and be deeply thankful for it, and so should you- their parents.  In fact, it is something that you should teach them so that they can grow up with an appreciation for the saving gospel of Jesus Christ that alone gives them eternal life, and cling to it by faith until death.

Click this link for a simple two page summary of the life and work of Martin Luther.  It will give you at least a basic idea of the important work that God accomplished through Martin Luther.  I also encourage you to make this next Sunday a “can’t miss” Sunday, as we will celebrate the Reformation at this service.  It will create even more opportunity to talk to your kids about why the gospel is so important and to encourage them to treasure it and live by faith in it throughout their lives.


Can I also offer this encouragement?  We communicate to our kids how much we need the gospel, how vital it is for our salvation, and how blessed we are to hear it clearly and faithfully proclaimed, when we attend church regularly and faithfully.  On the other hand, when we receive its comfort in the preached word and in the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper only sporadically, we communicate that we don’t need it that much, that it is less than vital, and that its blessings are not that special.


Our primary goal as parents is to nurture faith in Jesus Christ in the hearts of our children so that they can have the comfort and security of the forgiveness of their sins in Jesus, and live a life of faith that honors their Savior Jesus until he takes them to heaven.  The week we celebrate the Reformation is a great time to be reminded of that privilege and to ask God to renew in us the commitment to carry it out, with confidence from the gospel that God’s grace will give us the will and strength to do it!