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The Bible has been called “God’s side of the conversation.” That’s actually true! It is God speaking to you, telling you what you need to know about what life is really all about, what is worth valuing and living for, what the purpose of your life is, exactly who He is and what he thinks of you, and what is going to happen to you when you die.

So the Bible is vital information from God. But it is also good news from God! In it you discover a God who loves you more than you could ever imagine, a God who is wise and kind and forgiving and powerful to save. A God who goes beyond befriending you in this life to bringing you to glorious, perfect, eternal life with him in heaven.

BIBLE DISCOVERY is a great opportunity for you to discover the great things God has to tell you for your peace, comfort, and security in this often cold, hard world. It’s OK if you have zero Bible knowledge (this class is designed for folks new to the Bible), or if you aren’t big on active participating (just come and absorb; you won’t be put on the spot). Also, If you want to know what we at Shepherd of the Hills believe before you become part of our church family, this 12 session class will fill you in as we cover the basics of what God teaches us in the Bible. Try it for a few times and see what you think! We’ll make sure there are beverages and class materials waiting for you!

Bible Discovery Class

Tuesday, September 21 @ 7 p.m.
For more information or to let us know you are coming, please contact: or

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church 7740 W. St. Joe Hwy. 517.627.3913


I’ve attended Bible Discovery Class twice since starting to attend Shepherd of the Hills.  Each time, I received great comfort from the fundamental Biblical truths presented by the pastors.  Jason

-Have you ever wondered why? Why do I exist? What is the truth? What hope do I have in this world? Is there a heaven?  Is there a hell? Why is their war and violence and natural disasters? Where does one look to find answers to these questions?  I wanted to know more so I took a Bible Discovery Class at SOTH.  Come hear what God will tell you and discover that your questions are replaced with understanding and hope!  Al

Christ’s love, which he demonstrated by his perfect life and by his suffering and death on the cross, is the foundation for our relationship with God, the focus of our faith, and the motivation for all we do as Christians. In that same love for sinners Christ not only lived and died to set us free from sin and guilt, but he also rose again in victory on the first Easter Sunday, assuring us that his victory is our victory and that his resurrection is our resurrection. Saved by his grace alone, we look forward to his glorious return as we proclaim the good news of what his love has accomplished.
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