Genesis 3

This is one of the most important chapters in Scripture. It teaches us how the perfect world got to be what it is today. It lays the foundation on which the rest of Scripture is built, answers all modern philosophies, and forms the foundation for a true understanding of human nature and morality.

Verse 14 “You will crawl on your belly.” We don’t know what the serpent looked like before this or how God changed its body. The way he traveled formed a visual symbol of what would happen to Satan—he would eternally slither in the dust.

1. Satan tempted Adam and Eve through doubt and a twisting of scripture. How does he tempt us in the same way?

2. Perfection was gone. It was replaced by shame and the desire to cover up and hide. How did Adam and Eve show that sin dominated their lives?

3. God did not leave Adam and Eve in their guilt. Verse 15 is the first gospel promise. In this one short verse is found a wealth of good news. Where is Jesus in this verse?

4. Why did God drive Adam and Even from the Garden of Eden?

5. In what ways today do we experience the curse God put on Adam and Eve?

6. Why is death liberating for a Christian?

Genesis 3 (NIV)