Ezra and Nehemiah: Built on the Rock

Ezra and Nehemiah: Built on the Rock


(Something different for today. Below is a great hymn which talks about some of the topics we have been covering the last couple of weeks)


Built on the Rock the Church shall stand

Even when steeples are falling.

Crumbled have spires in ev’ry land;

Bells still are chiming and calling,

Calling the young and old to rest,

But above all the souls distressed,

Longing for rest everlasting.


Surely in temples made with hands

God, the Most High, is not dwelling;

High above earth His temple stands,

All earthly temples excelling.

Yet He who dwells in heav’n above

Chooses to live with us in love,

Making our bodies His temple.


We are God’s house of living stones,

Built for His own habitation.

He through baptismal grace us owns

Heirs of His wondrous salvation.

Were we but two His name to tell,

Yet He would deign with us to dwell

With all His grace and His favor.


Here stands the font before our eyes,

Telling how God has received us.

The altar recalls Christ’s sacrifice

And what His Supper here gives us.

Here sound the Scriptures that proclaim

Christ yesterday, today, the same,

And evermore, our Redeemer.


Grant, then, O God, Your will be done,

That, when the church bells are ringing,

Many in saving faith may come

Where Christ His message is bringing:

“I know My own; My own know Me.

You, not the world, My face shall see.

My peace I leave with you. Amen.”