October 2018: God’s Encouraging Word … when I am tired

God’s Encouraging Word … when I am tired

Sleep experts advise getting seven to eight hours of sleep a night.  We need rest for our tired bodies to recuperate. 

Even on the most regular day, life is draining.  The work day is long and the demands are great.  The commute, getting the kids to school, work schedules, meeting deadlines, grocery shopping, getting dinner ready, children’s activities, only to get ready to do it over again the next day.  Getting older doesn’t help matters.  By the time you hit the pillow at night you may feel like a smart device that has only 2% battery life left.

But what do you do when you become tired emotionally?  It’s the exhaustion that comes from strained relationships, heated arguments and being rejected by those from whom you want acceptance.

Then there’s that inner weariness—the kind that no one else knows you have except you. The weariness that comes from the burden of sin and guilt.  It comes when you must live in the brokenness of past mistakes.  When things don’t go so well on any given day, you wonder if God is angry and out to get you.  The earthly consequences of your sins and knowledge of your guilt is…well…spiritually tiring.

God comes to you today with an encouraging word recorded in the book of Isaiah: The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.   

The LORD is the everlasting God.  He is the Creator.  He never gets tired.  He has perfect understanding; he knows what it’s like when you feel tired for any reason at all.  He promises to give strength to you when you’re tired.  The LORD God is Jesus, your Savior.  He took your sins and guilt to the cross and died for you.  It’s a fact!  Jesus took your sins and guilt away from you, buried it all in his tomb, and rose from the dead.  Your sins are forgiven.  That’s rest—rest for your soul.  Talk about strength for the weary!

And don’t forget!  It’s the LORD God who gives the blessing of physical rest too.  It’s been said that a clean conscience is a good pillow.  God gives you this clean conscience in Jesus Christ.  He also provides you with home, food, and bed to become recharged to tackle the new day with all its challenges.  So do it with all the energy and strength that Lord God gives you as his own through faith in Jesus!