Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church (WELS)


 Thursday, December 1 @ 6:30 p.m.

 The holidays can be a very difficult time for those who are separated, divorced, grieving, broken-hearted, or who suffer from painful memories of past holidays. If you suffer from the holiday blues, or if you know those who do, this workshop can be a great help. We will discuss coping strategies for getting through the holidays, focus on positive truths that can encourage us, and put together an action plan focused on finding joy and meaning for our lives even if the holidays are difficult for us. 

Please invite and come with those in your life for whom the holidays may be difficult of painful!  

Christ’s love, which he demonstrated by his perfect life and by his suffering and death on the cross, is the foundation for our relationship with God, the focus of our faith, and the motivation for all we do as Christians. In that same love for sinners Christ not only lived and died to set us free from sin and guilt, but he also rose again in victory on the first Easter Sunday, assuring us that his victory is our victory and that his resurrection is our resurrection. Saved by his grace alone, we look forward to his glorious return as we proclaim the good news of what his love has accomplished.
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