With our annual voters’ meeting coming up at the end of this month (June 26th), our leaders are asking you to look over the strategic plan for the next three years and the budget for this coming fiscal year (July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023).  
COVID presented a number of challenges to our congregation. Average weekly worship to date is down 27% from pre-COVID numbers. We are still in the process of resuming many activities, programs, and processes that ceased or were reduced during the pandemic. But over the past 4 months we have seen worship numbers increasing. We are more than financially stable. By month’s end we will have received 12 new members over the last 2 months. As we encourage a return to in-person worship, we are considering refurbishing the sanctuary and thereby showing how much we value the saving, strengthening gospel of Christ we hear and receive in the sacrament with fellow believers in that sacred space.
The focus of our plans is summed up in three words: GATHER– We will gather together in in-person worship to be strengthened in faith and equipped for service through the gospel of Jesus Christ. GROW– We will grow in our faith and Christian lives through group and personal/family Bible study and also grow in love and mutual service. GO– We will go out into our community, nation, and the world with the saving gospel of Christ.
Please look over our plans and our budget for this fiscal year and let us know what you think!  
In Christ’s love,  Your Pastors and Church Council Members
To view our current ministry plans and budget, as well as our proposed plans and budget, click on the link below:
Feel free to contact any of the
or either pastor if you have any questions or concerns.