July 2016

Jesus Is My Savior from Sin

The blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.

– 1 John 1:7

As we celebrate our nation’s Independence Day, we have plenty of reasons to be thankful. Throughout the generations, the Lord has blessed us with peace and protection. He has spared us from many evils.
Yet the world is full of danger. What poses the greatest threat to us today? War? Poverty? Terrorism? Crime? Political discord? Natural disasters? Financial collapse? Actually, there is a threat that is greater than all of these. It is

Sin doesn’t seem so dangerous. It’s all around us. We live with it all our lives. We get used to it. It doesn’t always set off alarms in our minds like so many other threats do. Sin may not be good, but it’s not going to kill us.

Or could it? The Bible says sin is a deadly threat to our souls. It covers us like so much dirt and makes us unworthy to stand before a perfect God. In fact, it is so dangerous that just one “little” sin is enough to keep us out of heaven!

Who could save us from this great danger? Only the one who had no sin—Jesus Christ. As God’s Son, he came to live as one of us. He never committed even one “little” sin. Yet he suffered for our sin, to take away the punishment we deserved for it. He shed his perfect blood on the cross for us. “The blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.”

Jesus’ blood washes us clean! It removes every last stain of sin from our souls. Through faith in Jesus, we stand pure and clean before our God. We are spotless in his eyes. We can be sure that our sin will not keep us out of heaven because Jesus took it away!

As our country marks another Independence Day, we ask God to continue to protect our land from whatever may threaten us. Most of all, we give him thanks for sending his Son to save us from the deadly danger of our sin. Because of Jesus, we can look forward to a heavenly country, where nothing will threaten us ever again!