Genesis 4

Genesis 4 Notes and Questions
Verse 15 “The Lord put a mark.” We don’t know what this mark was. It might have been some visible sign that others could see. The Hebrew word is the same word that God uses to describe various miracles, similar to the signs God gave to Moses (Exodus 4:8,9), to Gideon (Judges 6:17-22), and to Hezekiah (Isaiah 38:5-8).”
Verse 19 Lamech, five generations from Cain, introduced polygamy into the world. (You’ll notice that as we progress through Genesis, many times God doesn’t specifically say every time, “This is a sin.” Instead, he’ll show the disastrous consequences that come from listening to the sinful nature.)
Verse 26 “To call on the name of the Lord”-To pray, to preach, to worship God.
1. What was the difference between Cain’s sacrifice and Abel’s?
2. How did the Lord try to help Cain?
3. What heritage did Cain leave to his descendants?