Daniel in the Lions’ Den

The Bible in Art: Daniel in the Lions’ Den 

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Verses for Consideration: Daniel 6:10-12  (The Date is 539 B.C.)

10 Now when Daniel learned that the decree had been published, he went home to his upstairs room where the windows opened toward Jerusalem. Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before. 11 Then these men went as a group and found Daniel praying and asking God for help. 12 So they went to the king and spoke to him about his royal decree: “Did you not publish a decree that during the next thirty days anyone who prays to any god or human being except to you, Your Majesty, would be thrown into the lions’ den?”


Most Christians are never going to find themselves thrown to a pack of lions the way Daniel was, so what’s the point of this story for modern Christians? Consider the major theme of this story. Then see if it applies to your life.

It is the story of conspiracy, intrigue, and scheming that could easily be made into a movie. Daniel’s close encounter with hungry lions presents the story of a great hero victimized by an evil plot but then miraculously delivered.

But you may be thinking, no one has ever hatched such an evil plot against me.  No one will make a movie out of my life. I’m just an ordinary person.

True, but if you are an ordinary person with faith in the true God, then think of this sobering truth: You are already involved in a plot. It’s a conspiracy that’s been raging since Satan had a falling out with God. And the stakes are eternal. Satan desires your soul. He wants to destroy you along with the entire Christian church.

But will Satan’s plot succeed? Will this roaring lion destroy you? Follow Daniel’s lead. Trust in God. He shut the mouth of the lion through the sacrifice of his Son, Jesus. He invites you to believe that you are in the hands of the almighty God.

God delivered Daniel because Daniel trusted in him. May that be the theme of your life-trust. God will not let you down. As he saved you from sin’s terrible punishment, so someday he will deliver you safely to heaven. The empty tomb of Jesus tells us he is satisfied with his Son’s payment for sins and will grant eternal life to those who believe this. Trust him. Are there troubles in your life? The apostle Paul reminds us, “In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us” (Romans 8:37).

Prayer: Heavenly Father, nothing is more important than that I remain faithful to you. Strengthen my faith through your means of grace. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Title: Daniel in the Lions’ Den (1615)

Artist: Peter Paul Rubens