Can love be an idol?

Bible Study Topic – 

“Love conquers all” is one of those phrases that people think belongs to the Bible, but it doesn’t. It actually belongs to a classical Roman poet by the name of Virgil, taken from book X of his Eclogues. It was written nearly one hundred years before any of the New Testament was recorded. Like most powerful false beliefs, there is an element of truth in it. But ultimately, no—human love cannot solve all our problems. Nonetheless, millions of us pursue it as though it has such power. Can we be guilty of holding love as an idol in our heart? Come to Bible study Sunday morning at 9:15am.

 Worship Theme – 


Have you ever been on a “team” on which you and your teammates were your own worst enemies?  The results were probably disastrous. Even if you’re not part of any athletic endeavors currently, you’re still on a team. Come to church tomorrow to worship with your team as we rejoice over our leader, Jesus Christ.