Advent Worship Themes

God’s Gifts to You

Advent Worship: Sundays at 8am and 10:30am

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving gifts on Christmas? Family and friends give and receive presents in order to show their love and appreciation for those in their lives. But what if you were told that God has some gifts for you? During the season of Advent (the four Sundays before Christmas) we celebrate Jesus who came that first Christmas to win forgiveness, and give all the gifts that come with it: hope, peace, joy, love.

The Gift of Hope: Sunday, December 2nd

Have you noticed yourself becoming more cynical lately? Looking at our world or at ourselves, it’s easy to become jaded. The first gift that Jesus gives us is a living hope. Our hope is not a naïve wish that things will get better. Our hope is rooted in the fact that Christ came at that first Christmas to forgive every sin.

The Gift of Peace: Sunday, December 9th

Not too many people would describe their lives as peaceful. Peace is something everybody tries to obtain, but rarely finds. God gives us what we can’t achieve on our own: peace. And his peace is so much more powerful than peace in our everyday lives or peace between people. He makes us at peace with him as Jesus announces forgiveness of sins.

The Gift of Joy: Sunday, December 16th

We are supposed to be happy around Christmas time, but where is the room for happiness when the stress of deadlines piles up, when preparations for the party have to be made, when gifts need to be wrapped, when family strife doesn’t take a break for holidays, etc.? Today God tells you that with him is the gift of joy. True joy is not found in the trappings of the holiday; true joy is to see Jesus as your Savior.

The Gift of Love: Sunday, December 23rd


Love is rarely a gift. More and more “love” is seen as transactional. You love me and then I’ll love you back. However, with God, his love is always a gift. Jesus suffered and died to make atonement for our evil sins. Yet, he did so gladly. Why? Love!