Our Spouse is a Great Treasure

I am sending a portion of an article by Steve and Vicki Hall each week or two. I hope and pray that you find the practices worthwhile and put them into practice yourself!   Remember that loving actions lead to deeper loving feelings.  My comments are in red.  In Christ’s love, Pastor Burger

Practical Tips for Marriage Enrichment  Steve and Vickie Hall  

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We remind ourselves often of what a great treasure our spouse is to us.

Each of us believes that there are many men and women in the world who would dearly love to have a spouse like our spouse. So even though we obviously have many faults and see each other’s faults, the faults seem so small in comparison to the great treasure we have in each other. And we do this with humility. I don’t see myself as such a great treasure, but I certainly see my spouse as a great treasure!

It is really tempting to see yourself as the great treasure, and your spouse as the lucky one, isn’t it? Only by the power of the Holy Spirit can I admit what God tells me in his word:  That I am the worst sinner I know. (1 Timothy 1:15) Only by the power of the Holy Spirit, and with the love of Christ, can I look past my spouse’s flaws, forgive them when they hurt me, and focus on the beauty and blessings of who they are as a child of God and my partner. 

That is why regularly hearing God’s Word at church and daily reading the Bible can have such a positive impact on your marriage. Daily repentance also is invaluable; that is, daily confessing my own shortcomings and faults to God, receiving his forgiveness in Christ, and then asking God for the strength to live a new and God-pleasing life- including in my marriage.  And don’t forget prayer: specifically asking God each day to help you see yourself in a more realistic light, and to help you view your spouse through the eyes of Christ.