Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the worship schedule?
Sundays at 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.  and Mondays at 7:00 p.m. (except during the six week Lenten season, during which we offer Wednesday evening mid-week worship services at 7:00 p.m.

Where is Shepherd of the Hills, and how do I get there?
We are located one block west of the corner of St. Joseph Highway and Canal Road.

From I-496, take the Creyts Road exit and turn right (north).  At the second traffic light, go left (west) on St. Joseph Highway.  The next traffic light is at Canal and St. Joe Hwy.  Continue west on St. Joe and look for the church one block from the intersection and on the right.

From I-69/96 take the Saginaw Ave. East exit and follow Saginaw Ave. to the first traffic light.  Horrocks Market and several hotels are at the intersection.  Take a right (south) on Canal Road.  At the first traffic light, take a right (west) on St. Joseph Highway.  You’ll find the church one block down and on the right.

Where do I park?
The parking lot is on the north side of the building.  There are handicap spaces available near the front entrance.

Where do I enter?
Our front doors are on the north side of our church building.  The doors are hidden from the road, but you will notice the steps and the ramp leading to the entrance once you are in the parking lot.

What is the layout of your facility?
When you walk through our front doors you will find yourself in a small foyer. The next set of doors takes you into the gathering area just outside the sanctuary.  Go straight ahead and you will enter the church sanctuary where worship services are held.  The room to the left just before entering the sanctuary is the “nursery”, a place where moms or dads can go with their little ones if they get fussy during the worship service.  This room has window access to the church and is sound equipped so the service can still be heard and observed.  The church offices are immediately to the right.  Take the hallway to the right and you will find coat racks.  Keep going down the hallway and the next set of double doors to the left will take you to the restrooms, library, most Sunday School classrooms, the area for child care during our 10:30 a.m. worship service, and the Fellowship Hall.

What is the worship service like?
Our worship services are both reverent and relevant.  They center on Jesus Christ, who is our God and the Savior of the world.   There is a logical pattern to what we do in the services.  The songs, the Scripture readings, the confession of our sins together, the confession of what we believe, the prayers, and the sermon all fit together and focus on a theme for the day.  A worship service hand-out and instructions from the pastor make the service easy to follow.  You will find that the messages deal with real-life issues, make use of helpful illustrations and stories, and yet are simple enough for even children to understand.  Because they are based on the very Word of God- the Bible- and because they focus on the good news that Jesus Christ is our Savior, we are sure that you will find them uplifting and inspiring.

What is the length of a typical worship service?
About one hour.

Are children welcome?
Absolutely!  You will find a lot of parents with young children here, especially at the 10:30 a.m. service.  We consider ourselves a kid-friendly congregation, providing a “Children’s Object Lesson” in the service specifically for the little ones and a special religious-themed “Kid’s Page” with pictures to color, puzzles, and other activities to occupy smaller kids and at the same time to teach them simple truths about God.

We understand that babies cry and toddlers get fussy.  We know that wily 2 year olds even occasionally escape from mom and dad and run down the aisle!  That doesn’t bother us.  Jesus loved children and so do we.  However, we also realize that parents like being able to concentrate on at least part of the service.  So, about one third of the way into the 10:30 a.m. service, after the Children’s Object Lesson, we provide childcare in the Fellowship Hall for children 5 years old and younger.  Parents can bring them to the care area, enjoy the rest of the service, and then pick their children up once the service is over.  Our caregivers are often moms and dads themselves and can be trusted with your children.  Just be sure to inform them of any special needs your child may have.

I really haven’t been to church too much in my life.  I’m not sure what to wear or what to do once I get there.  I’m a little afraid that I will look clueless and lost compared to the regular worshipers.  
We understand your concerns!  Many of the people who now worship here regularly felt the same way when they first started coming!  Those concerns are natural.  However, let us say that we do our best to make our guests feel comfortable.

We don’t judge people by their clothes, nor do we prescribe a certain kind of outfit.  Most people wear what is comfortable.  Some prefer a dressier look, while others go for more casual styles- including jeans or shorts.  We care about YOU being here.  We all come to get comfort and strength from the word of God, not to compete in a fashion show!

The pastor will explain what we are doing each step of the way through the service.  There are also pretty specific directions for the various parts of the worship service in a worship guide (or “church bulletin”) given to everyone.  We try to make it as easy as possible for everyone to follow the service.  Many of our guests have said that they were pleasantly surprised by how painless (and actually enjoyable!) the whole first-time worship experience at Shepherd of the Hills was for them!

I’m not sure that I will fit in with all the “church people” there.
That depends on what your definition of a “church person” is.  If a “church person” is someone who is a holier-than-thou, religious know-it-all who practically lives at church, then I’m not sure any of us would feel comfortable at church!   Just for the record, we don’t believe that there are “church people”.  We believe that people are people.  We are all flawed.  We all have all sinned and still sin every day.  We all have plenty of room to grow in our faith.

The people who go to church here (if you want to call them “church people”) aren’t here to impress God or anybody else.  They are here seeking God’s help and guidance, and especially his forgiveness.  They are here because they have found the mercy and love of God here.  They are here because the roof did not collapse on them the first time they walked in, nobody turned up their noses at them, and God himself, they discovered, has his arms open wide for them.

What is it going to cost me?
We want to give you something when you visit, not take something away from you.  Although an offering is gathered during our worship service, it is done so an opportunity for our members to express their faith and love toward God and others by participating in the mission of the church.  Visitors don’t need to feel obligated to contribute, and are not expected to do so.