Getting Involved:

If your goal is to find out more about this church or to investigate becoming a member, Pastor Burger can direct you to a class that is best suited for you.  We want to make sure that all your questions get answers from God’s Word.  We also want to make sure that you have had the chance to really look at the Biblical basis for what we believe, teach, and practice here and before you make the commitment of membership and state agreement with our beliefs and teachings.

Upon arriving at a decision to become a member, we will suggest that you take an introductory course that will inform you of the mission and purpose of the Christian Church and what is entailed in our calling to be a follower of Jesus Christ.  This practical and informative course will prepare you to benefit to the greatest degree from this church and also prepare you to be a blessing to others as a member of this church.

If you would like to serve in some capacity in our ministry or in other ministries, below is a listing of some of the avenues for using your time and talents in service to your Savior and others through Shepherd of the Hills.  Please call the church office if you want more information about serving here at Shepherd of the Hills.  We will make sure you get in contact with the right person to answer your questions and/or get the training you need for any form of service of interest to you.

Usher: Every other month                             
Usher at worship services. 8:00 a.m./10:30 a.m. Sundays

Greeter: 2 hours/service once every 2 months               
Greet all worshipers before and after services at the door.

Singing: Time commitment will vary           
Solo/choir/small group -year round or seasonally or occasionally.
Musical instrument: Time commitment will vary           
Play instrument in service -year round or seasonally or occasionally.
Childcare in worship: Once every 6-8 Sundays
Provide childcare in the worship service for children infant to 5 years old in a rotating schedule with other parents or volunteers.  Sunday 8:00 am /  Sunday 10:30 am  /  Monday  7:00 pm

Altar Guild:  1 time /month 2-3 hours                              
Care for altar, including setting up for services and communion and take down/clean up.  Work includes caring for flowers and banners.  Sunday Service – 8:00 am or  10:30 am / Monday service – 7:00 pm

Monthly phone calls to members: 1-2 hrs/month          
Make roughly 5-10 calls to fellow members once a month to inform them of important events, classes, programs, or services.

Visit sick, shut-ins, or new mothers: 2-6 hrs/month          
Pay a friendly visit to members or friends of the congregation at the hospital and deliver spiritually uplifting literature, visit a shut-in monthly, visit a new mother to offer congratulations and drop off encouraging/informative literature.

Sponsors: Several hours/month for 1 year                        
Sponsor a prospective member through the membership process and the first year of membership.  Be a friend and supporter of new members, making them feel at home in the church, including them in activities, and helping them develop relationships with other members.

CLERICAL WORK:  2-3 hrs/month            
Copying, filing, collating materials, etc.

COMPUTER WORK: Periodically                   
Programming  / Data entry  / Desktop publishing  / Troubleshooting

Provide Transportation: Periodically                             
Provide transportation to worship or classes for people needing a ride.

Provide meals: 1-3 hrs/month                      
Prepare and deliver a meal to an ill, grieving, or disadvantaged member or friend of the congregation.

Babysitting: Periodically                                         
Provide babysitting at classes or functions so that parents can participate in such activities.

Food Bank: 1-2 hours per month                                 
Store and organize food donated to the food bank.  Solicit needed food items.  Develop a standard inventory of food and personal items to have in stock.

Youth Leaders: 6-10 hrs/month                                 
Coordinate our junior high or high school youth programs, including planning and conducting of fellowship, spiritual growth, or service opportunities.  Develop a positive relationship with youth to provide spiritual encouragement and guidance.

Youth Committee: 4-8 hours/month             
Plan and implement a program for spiritual growth and fellowship and service for junior and high school age students by way of monthly meeting, outing or service event.

Mentors for youth confirmands: 1-2 hrs/month                 
Be a mentor for a youth confirmand through high school years and possibly through college.  Take a personal interest in the confirmand, encourage them in their faith and Christian lives, and be a friend and role model.

Mission trip chaperones: 2-3 days/summer                    
Chaperone our youth on one or two night stay in a city within our Michigan District where we operate a mission congregation.  Chaperone our youth on a trip to a mission field in the U.S. or oversees.

Bible class teachers/facilitators:  Time will vary             
Teach or facilitate adult or teen Bible classes.  Men must lead mixed groups.  Women may lead mixed teen or women’s classes.  Teaching may range from filling in for Pastor now and then to teaching a class year round.

Bible class secretaries: 15 min. /week/class                      
Be responsible weekly for recording class attendance, overseeing refreshments (when applicable), and calling regular attendees who have not attended in the class in 3 weeks.

Bible class callers: 1 hr. twice a year(Sept & Jan)        
Call our members with a friendly invitation to Bible class.

Sunday School teachers:  2-3 hrs/week                             
Weekly preparation and planning for leading class study of Christ Light Bible lessons and related crafts and activities.  Foster class prayer.  Oversee Bible verse memory work, class singing and recitation.  Assist when students participate in special worship services.  Maintain class order and discipline.  Collection of offerings and attendance record keeping.  Attend monthly staff meetings and teacher enrichment training programs.

Sunday School helpers:  1 1/2 to 2 hrs./week                    
Assist with students/classroom management.  Assist with craft/activity preparations.  Assist with prayer, attendance, offering, singing, etc.  Occasionally prepare and teach Bible lessons.  Assist with special services.  Attend monthly meetings and teacher enrichment training programs.

Substitute Sunday School Teachers/Helpers: Time will vary
Fill in when regular Sunday school staff will be absent, same duties as above.  Usually get advanced notice, may occasionally be asked on short notice due to illness or emergency..

Sunday School Coordinators:  1-2 hrs./week                       
(Duties are divided among several coordinators) Assist with Sunday school planning.  Expense/budget record keeping and planning.  Record and report weekly attendance.  Follow up with students who have prolonged absences.  Collect, record, and turn in weekly offerings.  Oversee donations of offering to selected Mission fund.  Publish and distribute monthly newsletter.  Order/purchase supplies and materials.  Prepare and distribute monthly bible Verse Memory work for each class.  Coordinate with Pastor for Bible lesson study guide for teachers.  Plan and attend monthly staff meeting and teacher enrichment programs.  Publish and distribute meeting minutes, lesson schedule, calendar, and other staff materials.  Attend Education board meetings.  Plan special programs (Christmas and Easter) and student singing at worship services throughout the year.  Prepare and distribute scripts, recitations, songs, and practice cassettes for each classroom.  Phone calls and mailings related to visitors to Sunday school, prospective students, or prospective staff members.  Planning and coordinating the annual outreach programs:  Vacation Bible School, Christmas For Kids, and Easter For Kids.  Be available for substitute teaching and/or added assistance for Sunday classes and annual outreach programs.  Help develop a successful Bible study class for the teens and young adults in our congregation.

Teen/Young adult Bible class leader:1-2 hrs./week        
Plan, prepare and lead bible study with the high school and college age members of our congregation.  Foster and encourage fellowship, stewardship, mission outreach among this age group.  Encourage and assist them with participation in special worship services (scripture readings, singing, musical instruments, ushering , etc.).   Classes mid September to mid May.

Library aide:  2 hrs/month                                     
•    Send a memo to remind people they have books/materials out for over 2 months.
•    Organize a display of books available in the library (set up in the narthex)
•    Repair books/video sleeves
•    Help set up Book Fairs/take down Book Fairs (twice a year)
•    Put books away when returned.  Make sure books are neat and in order.
•    Promote new books.  Let congregation know about the books (via book reviews) that are available in the library.

Vacation Bible School teachers:  Total time 14-16 hrs         
Attend VBS staff meeting/training programs.  Plan, prepare and lead class Bible lessons and related activities.  Student/classroom management.  Supervise movement of class from activity to activity.  Assist with singing, crafts, recess, etc.  Assist with opening and closing services.  Distribute student materials.  VBS is first full week in August, Sunday- Thursday, 6:00 -8:00 PM.

Vacation Bible School helpers:  Total time 10-12 hrs.  
Assist with student/classroom management.  Alternate planning, preparation, and leading class Bible lesson as needed.  Assist with singing, crafts, recess, and other activities.  Assist with opening and closing services.

VBS registration/snack/game helpers: Total time 10-12 hrs.  
Greet all arriving students and their families.  Welcome all visitors and non-members.  Assist parents to complete registration forms.  Make copies of all new registration forms each night (for follow up mailings).  Distribute and collect student nametags each night.  Keep accurate attendance and student count each night.  Inform teachers and craft helpers of nightly class sizes and assist with materials distribution.  Set-up, serve and clean up refreshments each night.  Set up , help supervise, and clean up games/recess each night.  Assist with general set up and clean up each night.  Be  available to help tin case of student illness or injury.

VBS craft helpers: Total time 10-12 hrs.                  
Planning, preparation and leading craft activities that coordinate with the night’s Bible lesson.  Each grade’s projects must be appropriate for their age and skill level.  Obtain and prepare all needed materials for each project.  Clean up between classes and at the end of each night.  Make sure completed crafts get taken home by their student creators.

VBS Coordinators:  Total time 6-8 hrs .                  
Plan all activities.  Call for volunteers for staffing.  Obtain needed supplies and materials.  Obtain snack donations.  Assist with preparation of lesson and craft materials.  Plan closing service and ice cream social.  Select Mission Project and arrange for donation of offering taken at the closing service .  Prepare registration materials.  Prepare and run staff meetings/training program.  Coordinate with Pastor for bible lesson study guides.  Prepare and put up decorations.  Facilities set up.  Clean up and take down.  Record and report attendance.  Pass prospective member/visitor registration forms to Evangelism Board.  Report to Education board and the congregation.

?Kids Fellowship Group Leaders: 3-5 hrs/every 2 weeks.   
Work with elementary school age children.  Provide brief Bible Study or devotion, activity, craft, games, refreshments at church.  Plan occasional outings or fun events.

Help set up for Fellowship events:  1/2 to 1 hr/event.   
Assist the Fellowship p Committee in arranging tables and chairs for functions, placing decorations, and setting up any facilities necessary for the event.

Host, serve, prepare food for dinners: Time will vary   
Food preparation (e.g. manning the grill for a cookout).  Place food out and /or serve the food.

Decorators:  1-2 hrs/event                               
For a number of functions we can benefit from some creative decorating.  We need both people with ideas for decorating and people who actually place decorations out or put them up.

Clean up:  1-2 hrs/event                                  
Clean up after Fellowship events, including sweeping, wiping things down, cleaning up trash and disposing of it, and putting the facility used back in order again.

Organize or plan a social activity or outing:  Periodically    
Organize and plan an outing of your choice.

Events Committee: 2-4 hrs/month                              
Plan and conduct programs or events that bring the members of the congregation together to forge relationships.

Host Newcomers For Coffee Or Meal: Once/month               
Extend Christian love by hosting newcomers to our church for coffee or a meal after worship or some other time.

Give articles to apartment complexes: 1-2 hrs/mo   
Drop off articles with information about church events to apartment complexes in our community for inclusion in the apartment complex newsletter.  July/Aug./Nov./Dec./Feb./Apr./May.

Drop off literature to worship guests: Once/month   
Drop off literature about our church to visitors who have worshiped with us within 48 hours of their visit.

Phone calling (15 needed): 1-2 hrs./month                  
Call 15-20 individuals/families on our prospect list on selected months to invite them to worship or a special program and to up date info  about  them.. July/Sept./Nov./Jan./Mar.

Canvass/flyer distributors: 2-3 hrs/occasion          
Conduct door to door religious survey canvass or distribute door hangers in community neighborhoods.

Witness team:  8-10 hrs./month              
Discuss strategies for reaching out to individual prospects.  Conduct visitation of prospects; enlist members to assist in encouraging prospects in the nurturing of faith.

Friendship Sunday Committee:  2-4 hrs/month, Jan.-Mar.  
Be part of a short-term committee (January -March) to plan and implement a “Friendship Sunday” where our members are encouraged to invite friends and relatives to worship with us.

Monthly church maintenance assistants:1-2 hrs./month  
Safety checks throughout church building (exit signs, emergency lighting, etc.).  Replace burned out light bulbs.  Assess for plumbing, electrical, heating/cooling problems.  Assist in performing repairs as warranted.  Re-align and space pews.  Dust ductwork, registers, ceilings, and light fixtures as needed.  Examine structure and grounds to identify problems early, before they create major damage.  Lifting and moving projects that require multiple bodies.

Bi-annual church/maintenance workers: 2-6 hrs          
Spring and Fall yard work at the church.  Clean and maintain of the church building’s exterior.  Clean windows and screens.  Clean closet and storage.  Polish pews. Clean hanging lights in the sanctuary.  Move furniture in all rooms/offices and vacuum.  Clean behind the altar and under the organ and piano.

Special project workers: 1-6 hrs./project                    
Assist with various construction, maintenance, or repair projects at the church or parsonage.

Properties/maintenance coordinators: 1-2 hrs./mo  
Help with budget/planning decisions, recruiting volunteers, obtaining bids, record keeping, soliciting donation of materials, pricing and purchasing supplies and materials.  Provide trouble shooting and advice in various areas of maintenance and repair.

“Appreciation Sunday” Committee: 4-6 hrs        
Plan and implement an “Appreciation Sunday” to say thank everyone who has served in any way in our ministry and give praise to God.  Work with Events Committee regarding refreshments.

Planned Giving Committee: 2-4 hrs./month      
Provide information to the congregation regarding estate planning, charitable bequests, etc.  Oversee the congregation’s Trust Fund.  Serve as liason to district’s Planned Giving counselor.

Mission Festival Committee:  2-4 hrs./month           
Plan and assist in conducting a Mission Festival Sunday, promoting mission work and a particular mission field.  Work with Events Committee regarding refreshments.

Mission Liason:  2-4 hrs./month                   
Coordinate correspondence with a mission field on U.S. soil or oversees.  Determine scope of interaction and support with mission.  Provide information to the congregation about the field and encourage support of the mission through various means.

Work With International Students: Time varies     
Assist with International Vacation Bible School  (annually each summer)
Mentor an international family
Teach ESL (English as a second language) to international students and spouses
Serve on an International Student Committee
Conduct a Bible Class with international students
Help serve at international student outreach events

Work With Domestic Students: Time varies                
Serve as a Campus Ministry Coordinator (encouraging and assisting domestic WELS students in our campus ministry)
Visit the campus chapel  worship service once a month to provide moral support for the students
Conduct a Bible Class for domestic students, serve on the Campus Ministry Board (males only)
Serve on the domestic student ministry committee
Visit students on arrival to campus in the fall
Mentor a WELS student at MSU during their stay on campus