Can you honestly think of anything more important in life than discovering the truth about God and life from God himself?

Can you think of anything better than discovering that the truth about God and life is more hopeful, comforting, and inspiring than you could imagine?

Bible Discovery is a class that let’s God speak for himself from the Bible. It’s a chance for you to ask questions about God, life, death, and more; and hear what God has to say. This is a class that is great for those who have never really explored the Bible, or for those who haven’t done so in a while.

There is no cost and no obligation. Bring a pen or pencil, your questions, and an open mind. We’ll provide all the materials. Try it for a class or two see if it is worth it.

Bible Discovery will be offered on: Tuesdays @ 7:00 p.m., beginning January 24
Have you ever wondered why? Have you sought out answers to questions like “Why am I even in existence? What is the truth? What hope do I have in this world? Is there a heaven? Why is their war and violence, natural disasters, earth quakes, flood, cancer, disease? Is there a hell? Where does one find answers to such important questions?”
Do you have questions like these? I had questions like these for which I wanted, even needed, answers. It was not untill I had an operation to repair my knee that I finally picked up a Bible and started to read. I was able to read the whole book before I was back on my feet.
I wanted to know more so I took the Bible Discovery Class at Shepherd of the Hills. I learned more, and I continue to learn more by regular Bible Study and by participating in Bible Discovery Class every now and then to find God’s answers once again.
Come hear what God will tell you and see if your questions are replaced with understanding and hope!

      – Al Waldron


I’ve attended Bible Discovery Class twice since starting to attend Shepherd of the Hills. The first time coincided with shame & guilt I was feeling at some things I had done. The second time coincided with a family crisis. Each time, I received great comfort from the fundamental Biblical truths presented by the pastors. I realized I was redeemed by Jesus’ blood, and transformed into a new person because the Holy Spirit was now dwelling in me. These were concepts I knew of, but didn’t more fully understand until they were discussed in detail by the Pastors & my classmates.

       -Jason Redlinger

Having been born and raised a Lutheran, I enjoy retaking the Bible Discovery Class every now and again because I look at it as a good refresher class. If you have a sound foundation in what you believe, than it’s less likely that you fall for the nonsense that is in this world. Secondly, I take it to make connections with others taking the class. It never fails, someone will ask a question that just makes you think…it is endless learning about our great Creator and Savior!
   -Kim Yarger
I recently met with a very good friend of mine who is facing cancer. I asked him if cancer and death scared him. His answer was, “No, I’ve lived a good life and there’s nothing I’ve done that the good LORD would get too bent out of shape over”. This is such common thinking in our society, which makes it so important for people to know that God tells us in the Bible that “no one is good, not even one,” and “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God;” but especially to know that God tells us that there is complete and total forgiveness of sins in the perfect work of Jesus Christ because “GOD so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” These basic truths are critical both for newcomers to Christianity and seasoned Christians.
     – Derek Yarger